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Remedial Massage

Many people today suffer with back, neck and shoulder pain causing many problems within the body. This may be a result of physical injury, bad posture or tension, causing muscles to be in a contracted state for long periods.

Remedial Massage is very effective in dealing with muscular problems, loss of muscle tone and adhesions and removing physical tension in the muscles. Incorporating advanced massage techniques, it helps to speed up circulation and eliminate toxins, which can cause pain and stiffness. Other benefits include improving the skin’s elasticity and helping with the break down of fatty tissue.

Massage therapy is wonderfully soothing for the nervous system and can help bring the individual to a sense of awareness to their own body needs. It works as an aid to combat stress in our everyday lives, rejuvenating and nourishing our system.

A Massage treatment will usually last for about an hour. This however can be altered to individual requirements and essential oils may also be used for specific benefit.

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